About the Artist

Linda Kauss

Linda Kauss, originally from the Midwest, now resides in Rockport, Massachusetts.

As an artist, she is skilled in charcoal, pen and ink, pastel and watercolor painting, and has enjoyed printmaking and sculpture. She delights patrons with her commissioned portraits of children and pets.

However, it is pencil drawing that is her true passion! She says, "This medium has given me the freedom to explore my own creativity."

To evoke an image, she intuitively manipulates line, values, edges, balance, and light. Only then does the "Aha" moment occur: subject and composition fall into place, and the piece is brought to life.

Her education, by choice, has been largely self-directed. Participation in classes at the Art Institute of Chicago, The American Academy of Art, and many other colleges in pursuit of her passion, provided the foundation and confidence to express herself from within.